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Car Wash Vs Detailing

4/1/2021 | Posted by  | 0 comments

Cars are one of our greatest inventions and conveniences. They are beautiful works of art that were developed for functionality. No matter what brand or style of vehicle you own, your car was designed to transport you to and from your destination. Everyday, our vehicles take us where we need to be but in order for them to function correctly they need to be properly maintained. As our lives are filled with busy schedules, it can get difficult to schedule time to upkeep your valuable vehicle. Whether your car is in need of a car wash or a car detail, we will be able to service your vehicle's every need. 

Although both car washing and car detailing are beneficial to your vehicle, there is a difference between the two services. A car wash provides a quality hand wash or drive through wash of the exterior of your car's surfaces with soap and water that will maintain your car's paint and shine. Although a car wash is the more affordable service of the two, it does not provide you with a complete car cleaning. A car wash will get off all the dirt and grime but only on the surface level of your exterior. Whereas a car detailing service will clean the interior and exterior of your car in a more intricate manner. Our mobile car detailing service uses special tools, techniques, and products to ensure the inside and the outside of your car is spotless. Our affordable car detailing service in Miami-Dade will not only enhance your vehicle’s appearance but will also amplify its functionality, life time usage, and resale value. 

Our car detailing service in Fort Lauderdale consists of multiple steps to get your car looking pristine. The first step of our process starts with the exterior. We rinse and wash your car’s exterior to get the loose dirt off and proceed to scrub the surfaces to suppress scratches. We also scrub your wheels with special products and brushes to get into the creases of your bolts. We then rinse your car thoroughly with water to assure all the dirt has been cleaned off. After we rinse your car, we apply soap and detergent to the exterior and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. We will rinse your car, ensuring that all the soap has been rinsed away before applying the wax or sealant coating. Following the exterior car detailing, we will start with the interior car detailing. The first step when cleaning the interior would be to have all items removed from the car so we can start vacuuming. We give the interior of your car a thorough vacuum cleaning and then proceed with shampooing. We will shampoo the interior of your car, applying the shampoo to all fabric. Depending on what type of fabric or material your interior is composed of will determine how long we let the shampoo soak. We will scrub your interior while the shampoo is being applied and then we will vacuum the dried shampoo away. The final step would be to apply a good coating of wax or sealant to protect your vehicle's exterior from any damages. Before getting your car back on the road, we will roll down your windows so that the interior can dry properly. Once all surfaces have been dried, your car is reading to start driving!

Our mobile car detailing in Broward, can come to you to get your car spotless without leaving your house! It's important to get your car washed or detailed. Depending on your car’s needs determines which service will best work for you. If you are looking for something more affordable and quick then your normal car cleaning would be perfect for you! But, if you are looking for a deep clean that is more of a thorough job, then car detailing is what you need! 

Whether you get a car wash or a car detail service, it is vital to frequently get your car cleaned. Your car is constantly being bombarded with dirt that gets picked up while driving, bugs that fly into your car, rain that will oxidize your paint, and all the other out of the blue factors that persist. As we don't have control over what gets on the surfaces of our car, we can have control over how and when it gets cleaned. Regularly getting a car wash or car detail for your car has benefits both for the short and long term life of your vehicle. A car wash and car detail service helps maximize the lifetime of your car’s functionality and appearance. Further, getting a car wash and car detail helps increase the resale value of your car as damages and oxidation will be reduced. 

If you have any questions on our mobile car wash or affordable car detail service, we will be happy to answer!

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