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Benefits of Ceramic Pro

5/3/2021 | Posted by  | 0 comments

Whether you own a boat, a car, or both, the longevity of your vessel or vehicle is important. As the weather in Florida consists of hot, humid, and sunny or muggy, rainy, and cloudy, ensuring your asset is protected from any and all natural forces is a priority. The best way to shield your boat or car from all the elements would be to have a ceramic pro coating applied to it’s surfaces.

A ceramic pro coating is a liquid that is clear and can be layered multiple times. A ceramic pro coating has self cleaning properties and is three times stronger than an average top coat. When the ceramic pro coating has been applied, it needs to be cured. Once the coating is cured, it is permanent. This ceramic pro coating is extremely durable and sturdy. The average clear coat is 2H-4H in hardness but the ceramic pro coating is 9H in hardness. 

Our ceramic pro coating service in fort lauderdale works great for both your boat or your car. Our ceramic pro coating performs as the hardest paint coating available on demand. If you get a scratch on the ceramic pro coating, it can easily be removed! Scratches on the ceramic pro coating can be eliminated by lightly polishing the coating. Lightly polishing the ceramic pro coating will not damage or erode the coating but will get any scratches off without a hassle.

Our affordable ceramic pro coating service in Miami is top tier for all your needs as this powerful coating has many benefits. The ceramic pro coating is UV protectant. With this coating, there is no need to worry about your paint fading from our hot Florida summer days. You won't have to worry about rain damaging your paint either as your paint will be safeguarded under the ceramic pro coating! No matter the weather, your paint will stay unharmed and pristine with our ceramic pro coating service.

Ceramic pro coating is produced with nanotechnology. This nanotechnology is why our ceramic pro coating is so durable. The nanoparticles within ceramic pro coating allows for even the smallest pores to be filled and creates a sleek surface coating. The pervaded pores created by the nano technology generates the ceramic pro’s self cleaning aspect. Any dirt or grime that has accumulated or built up can easily be washed away with just water. The water will encase the dirt and will glide off the surface, causing what we call the self-cleaning effect. With our ceramic pro coating service near you, your boat and car will be protected from contaminants in the environment, as well. Any bird droppings, bugs, or sludge that have covered your surfaces, will be a breeze to get off. The ceramic pro coating has low surface tension due to its density. The low surface tension of this coating is how it gets its slick appearance and easy maintainability.

Our ceramic pro coating in Miami-Dade, only needs to be applied once. As long as you keep the coating maintained, there is no need for another layer to be applied. Compared to other sealants and coatings, our ceramic pro coating is in a bracket of its own because of how different it truly is. Unlike other surface coatings, the ceramic pro coating can only be removed by stripping it through abrasion. Wet sanding your surfaces will get the ceramic pro right off, if you are in need of a fresh coat. Receiving a fresh coat of ceramic pro coating will depend on your state’s location and how you maintain it. As long as you properly maintain the coating, the ceramic pro can last a few years.

If you are looking to preserve your boat or car then our ceramic pro coating service in Broward county is perfect for you. Whether you plan on selling your asset or keeping it for its lifetime, the best way to take care of it is with our ceramic pro coating service in Boca Raton. The ceramic pro does most of the work for you by securing your paint. The ceramic pro makes maintenance easy for you, as simply giving your boat or car a wash when needed is all you need to do to preserve the coating. Simply wash your car with water and mild soap, and your coating will stay perfect. With a ceramic pro coating, there is no need to stress about any natural element! No matter the circumstance, the ceramic pro coating will keep your boat or car in perfect condition so your vessel or vehicle will stay with you until its functioning lifetime 

Our mobile ceramic pro coating service in Miami can come to you! If you live in Broward county, Miami-Dade, West Palm Beach, or any of the surrounding areas, we will come to you for all your boat and car needs. Give us a call so you can conserve your assets!

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