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Why ceramic coating is a game changer for your boat or car.

4/30/2021 | Posted by  | 0 comments

Our environment is a marvelous place created by nature with extraordinary elements. These elements, such as blue waters, rustling winds, perfect temperatures, and the beaming sun, are essential for the composition of our environment. Although these components are fundamental for our atmosphere, they can be damaging to man made inventions. Cars and boats capture the elements on a daily basis and thus need to be properly protected to deter damages. 

One way to prevent and protect your car or boat would be ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer produced from ceramic ultrafine particles, also called nanoparticles. These nanoparticles commonly consist of silicon dioxide or silicon carbide that are placed in a transparent resin. The amount of silicon within a ceramic coating can vary, but it is said that the more silicon, the better. Once a ceramic coating is applied to the surface of your car or boat, it hardens and bonds creating a semi-permanent layer. The ceramic coating layer is impermeable and wont dissolve or wear off until its lifetime is reached. Without re-application a ceramic coating can last up to one to two years depending on the temperature and weather in your location. Boat ceramic coating and car ceramic coating both hold many benefits, but the surfaces of your car or boat must be prepared before applying a ceramic coating. 

Before a ceramic coating is applied, your boat or car must be spotless. For boat ceramic coating, your boat must be cleaned to rid of any dirt, stains, old wax, or oxidization. To clean your boat, we would wash it with a specific treatment to purify the surfaces. After your boat is thoroughly cleaned, we will buff and polish all surfaces. Then the surfaces will be prepped with Prep-Sol to remove any residual polish. For car ceramic coating, the process prior to ceramic coating is similar. The surfaces of the car must be clean and all dirt, stains, and oxidation must be removed before a ceramic coating is applied. The car will be cleaned with a special detail treatment, then buffed and polished. Once all surfaces are prepped, the ceramic coating can now be put on.

With a boat ceramic coating or a car ceramic coating, the ceramic coating will benefit your asset. Our affordable ceramic coating is cost effective and will save you money in the long run. A ceramic coating reduces the need for waxing services. Although your boat or car should still be waxed to freshen up the coat, it is not a necessity when you have a ceramic coating treatment. 

The preservation, longevity, and lifetime usage of your investment requires maintenance. Your boat or car will not just simply be protected on its own. When you get your boat washed or your car cleaned, you will usually get it waxed, as well, to preserve its shine. Your boat or your car needs to be regularly waxed to keep it glistening. But if you do not want to continuously get your boat or car serviced throughout the year, then a ceramic coating is for you. A boat ceramic coating or car ceramic coating is low maintenance and saves you money on waxing. When getting a wax service for your car or boat, you will need to get it waxed three to four times a year. But when getting a ceramic coating, you will only need to get it once and then will need to get it touched up once a year. This not only saves you money but will also save you time. 

Having a boat or car gives you freedom. Owning a boat allows you to sail the seas whenever you have the spare time and a car allows you to have the convenience of transporting yourself to where you need to be. Owning your asset is one step of the process but maintaining it is the other. You may own a car or boat for their beautiful appearance, for the opportunities that they come with, or for simply transportation purposes but whichever reason you own them, they need to be properly kept. 

Here at Bright Shine, we can come to you with our mobile ceramic coating service. We can come to you whether you live in Broward, Miami-Dade, or West Palm Beach. Our services are affordable and get the job done in a detailed and timely manner. Whether you are planning on keeping your boat or car for the years to come, thinking about passing it down to a loved one, or have thought about reselling it, we will help you keep it clean and polished. Our ceramic coating service in Miami-Dade will get your car or boat sparkling again!

If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them!

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